Litecoin Skyrockets by 10% in a Remarkable Rally

As of the latest update, Litecoin has experienced a notable 10.06% increase in its value, reaching $92.512. This surge is the largest one-day percentage gain since June 30, 2023. The rise has contributed to Litecoin's market capitalization reaching $6.840 billion, accounting for 0.29% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. It's important to note that Litecoin's market cap has fluctuated, with its highest point previously at $25.609 billion.

Over the past seven days, Litecoin has demonstrated a significant increase in value, registering a gain of 31.39%. The trading range for Litecoin in the previous twenty-four hours was between $84.487 and $92.910.

Despite this recent positive movement, Litecoin is still down 77.97% from its all-time high of $420.00, which was achieved on December 12, 2017.

In the broader cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is currently valued at $61,793.2, experiencing a 1.05% decrease on the day. Ethereum is trading at $3,409.26, reflecting a loss of 0.83%. Bitcoin holds a market cap of $1,215.926 billion, constituting 52.13% of the total cryptocurrency market cap, while Ethereum's market cap is $410.318 billion, representing 17.59% of the total cryptocurrency market value.

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